Nike Unveils The 2023-24 NBA City Uniforms

The NBA is fresh off starting the 2023-24 season. The jerseys for the most part are eye catching and some are better than others. What makes them special this season is that the NBA will be hosting an in-season tournament with 14 teams for the first time. The tournament will tip off in Las Vegas starting Friday November 3rd and teams will be rocking the 2023-24 Nike City jerseys.

The NBA In-Season tournament seems complicated in our opinion. The NBA is trying something new and we will see if this works. You can learn more about the in-season tournament here.

As for the jerseys, most of them are pretty nice and we feel the Bulls, Lakers, Heat, Warriors, Suns and Wizards are standout ones. You can check them out above and below.

The 2023-24 NBA City Uniforms are now available at

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